Our Story

It all started when…

Our kids already had what felt like every variant of the yellow round emoji cushions and our 12 year old daughter wanted something new for her bedroom.

Often spending more time texting her friends than talking to them, we noticed that every sentence was adorned with #hashtag-quotes and emojis of differing shapes and meanings.

We chatted about hashtags and she looked for a hashtag shaped Emoji cushion to buy. We looked everywhere and couldn't find anything. All we could find were square cushions with a # printed on them.

With the parental fear of depriving our pre-teen some instant gratification, we helped her sketch a design and sourced a factory to produce one.

It arrived a couple of weeks later but was sub-standard and out of proportion. We went back to the drawing board and resigned a new version and new colours. The batch of samples were delivered, and they were perfect.

Sitting proudly in each bedroom, friends of the kids' showed interest and asked where they could buy one from and what colours they came in.

This was the birth of Happy Hashtag (happyhashtag.co.uk) and a Kidpreneur.

We now design, manufacture and sell Hashtag Emoji cushions in 14 different patterns and colours including Totally Teal, OMG Orange, Unicorn, Rainbow, Berry Blitz and more.

For product information and samples please contact sales@happyhashtag.co.uk or email media@happyhashtag.co.uk for media packs.

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