Anti Copying In Design membership

We are Happy Hashtag are members of ACID (Anti Copying In Design) which helps us protect again copies of our #hashtag-cushions that are protected by design registration with Intellectual Property Offices across multiple territories.

Joining The Giftware Association

Today we announce that Happy Hashtag are proud new members of The Giftware Association.

Our Story

It all started when…

Our kids already had what felt like every variant of the yellow round emoji cushions and our 12 year old daughter wanted something new for her bedroom.

Often spending more time texting her friends than talking to them, we noticed that every sentence was adorned with #hashtag-quotes and emojis of differing shapes and meanings.

We chatted about hashtags and she looked for a hashtag shaped Emoji cushion to buy. We looked everywhere and couldn't find anything. All we could find were square cushions with a # printed on them.

With the parental fear of depriving our...